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Audio & Video Solutions

The audio and video solutions used for improved communication and collaboration. You might find an AV system in the front lobby of a business, promoting the company's image...

→ Home Theatre Systems
→ Projectors with remote screen system (2k & 4k projectors)
→ Multi-room Audio / Outdoor Audio
→ AV Switchers & Amplifiers
→ New Home Pr-Wiring (Customized Assistant Provided)
→ In-Wall & Ceiling Speakers (Invisible)
→ Room Soundproofing Install.

We provide

Home & Office Automation

Home and office automation is a modern technology that simplifies work around a house or an office. It is like having a remote control for your home facilities...

→ Whole Home Automation (Brands - Crestron, Elan, Rako & NCC)
→ Feather touch switches
→ Control via - Voice, IR Remote, Touch & App (iOS, Android) → Compatible with Alexa / Google Home & Siri
→ Cloud Connected, Haptic Feedback, Multi- User, Home on Autopilot, Voice Control & Time Control
→ Extensive Material Palette Make With Glass, Solid Surface, Wood Finish, Earthen Finish & Metal Finish.
→ Lighting Automation Solutions
→ Motorized Curtains & Blinds
→ AC & Device Controls
→ Decorative Keypads & Touch Screens.
→ Board Room Solutions
→ Video Conference Solutions
→ Room Scheduling
→ Fl I plop Boxes
→ Motion Sensors